【自由系統 Free System Inc】Marketing Specialist 正職 (AIESECer-Preferred)

  • 2016-03-06
  • Ruling Digital

工作內容 Job Description: 

1. Responsible for overseeing all marketing objectives, plans and programs. 
2. Identify trendsetter ideas by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements. 
3. Deliver brand message through the activities, including the plan/executions of marketing campaign, media, PR , promotion, etc. 
4. Work with Sales team to design and prepare marketing materials, such as service presentations, sales proposals, etc. 

申請條件 The Successful Applicant: 
1. Proficient in spoken and written English, with strong presentation and communication skills. 
2. Must must must be Smart, open-minded, self-motivated and takes initiative. 
3.Self-starter who can function well independently and also, in a team. 
4. Excellent project management skills and able to get people aligned to a common goal. 
5. Strategic thinking, yet competent operationally to execute marketing tactical plan. 
6. Organized, ability to prioritize and good at time management. 
7.Excellent analytical skills, creativity and problem-solving skills. 
8. Able to follow through, track for results and adjust plans in a timely manner. 
9. Able to work under pressure and in a fast pace environment 
10. Able to work through ambiguity and navigate a matrix environment. 
11. Preferably less than 3 years of working experience. AIESECer is preferred. 


● 更多工作詳細內容:http://goo.gl/fFR032

● 請投遞履歷至:vidahsiao@freedom.net.tw
● 公司網頁:http://www.freedom.net.tw



自由系統團隊成員擁有多家大型企業合作的實務經驗。合作企業包括:行政院海巡署、新加坡電信(SingTel)、法國電信(Orange)、新世紀資通(Sparq)、惠普科技企業支援服務部門(HP, Enterprise Support Service)、中央研究院計算機中心、亞太先進聯合網路 (APAN)、華碩電腦、麟瑞科技、精誠資訊、友達光電、歐科商業電訊。